Mission Statement

Bricolage Designs, provides “Service” to its clients.  The exact nature of our “Service” depends on client and project needs.  With the great number of clients we have serviced over the twenty years of our existence, we have become well versed in what the typical client must have:

  1. Speed of Operation.
  2. Flexibility to do large or small work, innovative or remedial in nature.
  3. Excellent liaison with Governmental Agencies.
  4. Complete access to Department of Buildings and other Governmental Agency information and personnel.
  5. Thorough working knowledge of the New York City zoning Resolution and Administrative Building Code.
  6. Excellent relationship and communications with the entire building industry in New York.
  7. Complete and accurate project documentation.
  8. Thorough understanding of the building process.
  9. Quality design
  10. Prompt, courteous and professional attention.

Our repeat clientele base demonstrates that we have learned our lessons well.  We have adapted ourselves to providing services to the community we operate in.  This community has consisted of homeowners, contractors and medium and large size developers.  Working within this context we have become involved with a wide range of project types:

Residential: Commercial: Miscellaneous:
One and Two Family Dwellings Retail Stores Religious Facilities
Multiple Family Dwellings Restaurants Day Care Centers
Row House Developments Shopping Centers Medical Facilities
Apartment Houses Factory/Warehouses Hotel/Motel

We have undertaken a wide range of activities within each project type:

  • New Building Design
  • Renovation/Alteration
  • Conversions
  • Certificate of Occupancy Applications
  • Violation Removal
  • Board of Standards & Appeal Application
  • Zoning Lot Mergers
  • Curb Cuts

Each project type has posed unique challenges and has left us more experienced and wiser with regard to technical issues, code requirements, zoning and design.

With respect to design, we have been pragmatic – not imposing our will or preconceptions on our clients.  We have listened to our clients and have allowed design to evolve naturally and in response to physical and programmatic requirements.  To the greatest extent possible we always endeavor to educate our clients as well as ourselves.